YourScore World Premiere: March Style (Band)

YourScore World Premiere: March Style (Band)

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Debut a brand new piece at your next concert, composed by your students! Students will be lead through the process of composing and arranging original melodies to add to a pre-constructed March. Even if you or your students have never composed a piece, rest assured this will be the highlight of your ensemble's next performance!

All of the resources required to make a student-composed and arranged march are included, along with a teacher's guide to lead you through the process. We give you lots of suggestions and options, while still giving you the opportunity to approach this project in whatever way you feel will work best with your students.

This YourScore World premiere package provides you with: 

  • Worksheets to guide the compositional or improvisational process
  • Teacher guide with suggestions and approaches to composing or improvising original melodies
  • Links to YouTube play-along files (for improvising melodies)
  • XML student worksheet (for composing melodies)
  • XML score to add original content and print your final product