We're happy to help you better understand our product. Our most common questions have been answered below.

What makes YourScore different from normal sheet music?

Glad you asked! While each purchase of a YourScore piece comes with a PDF download of a score and parts for young ensembles, there are several things that set our product apart:

  1. MusicXML File for Total Customization: Upon purchase, you will be able to download a MusicXML copy of your piece. This file can be opened up in virtually any notation software to allow a teacher to customize their students parts to fit their specific needs. Whether you want to change the difficulty of the part, give the melody to another instrument, add instruments to your ensemble or anything else you can think of, MusicXML will save you hours of writing out parts from scratch.
  2. Chordal Parts for Guitar, Ukulele and Piano: With the surge in popularity of chordal instruments in elementary school music programs, we want to make sure you have the option of adding these instruments into your rehearsals and performance. Chord parts are provided, and melody cues are written where the chords are particularly difficult, or move quickly.
  3. YourScore Back Page Exercises: To get your ensemble learning their piece quickly and confidently, the Back Page of each student part includes unison scales and rhythmic exercises, as well as excerpts of the piece written in 2 or 3 part harmony. This will allow your ensemble to practice all components of the score in whatever combination of instruments the director desires. Let your trumpet and flute players practice the bass line, while your trombone and tuba players play the melody. More confident players and better score awareness will result in better rehearsals and performances.
  4. Mechanical License included with each purchase: Each YourScore purchase includes a mechanical license for recording. This means that you are free to record and sell your ensemble's performance of a YourScore piece. Please note that this mechanical license applies to the sale of recordings that benefit schools, school-sponsored booster clubs and non-profit organizations. You are forbidden from selling ensemble recordings for personal profit.

How accurate are the MusicXML files?

Very accurate. We've tested the files in all sorts of software, on all sorts of versions. We recommend that you try downloading our demo file to see what it will look like in your specific software. There will always be slight formatting differences between programs, but you should have a score that is almost completely accurate from first import.

When you download your file, be sure to watch the Import Tutorial that pertains to your software to ensure you have the correct import settings to create the best import possible. Each tutorial is under a minute, and will save you several minutes of tweaking the preferences on your own!

What am I allowed to change in a YourScore XML file?

You may freely adapt a YourScore file to meet the specific needs of your ensemble. This means you may adjust the difficulty of any part, change instrumentation, transpose the key, and make any other adjustments that optimize the arrangement of your ensemble while still maintaining the basic integrity of the piece.

Am I allowed to use a YourScore file for multiple performances?

It depends! If your district or company has purchased the YourScore file, that school or company is permitted to keep that piece in their library. So if you are still at the same school in five years and want to perform the piece again, go for it. If a new teacher comes in to the school and wants to use the file, that's also fine. 

If you personally purchased the score with your own money, that score is allowed to travel with you in the event that you change districts or companies. You can perform that piece with whatever ensembles you'd like!

Whoever purchases the file has the right to re-perform that piece as many times as they'd like.

Am I allowed to sell, distribute or share the adjusted scores I've created from an original YourScore file?

You may not. Sorry. Long story short, when you purchase a YourScore file you are permitted to create a derivative work based upon the original for the use of the purchaser in an educational setting. As the original copyright holder, we do not permit the sale, distribution, or sharing of the produced derivative works, and doing so is an infringement of copyright law.

Simply put: A YourScore purchase is for your program only.

Still have questions? Send us an email: hello@yourscoremusic.com