cover of We Forgot our Bows!, an adaptable piece of beginning orchestra music written by Amanda Franco

We Forgot our Bows! (Orchestra)

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By Amanda Franco

Difficulty: .5+/VE

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I’m thrilled to present this entirely pizzicato beginner orchestra piece that allows young musicians to focus more on rhythm, following the conductor, and making a great sound without bows!

A popular strategy to teach rhythm with young string players is to utilize pizzicato... but this fully orchestrated piece allows young players to enjoy the sound of their instruments plucked while working on left hand technique. YourScore repertoire can be freely edited in any notation software - feel free to keep things unison for more resonance if your group is smaller, or play with dynamics more if your group can make their pizzicato truly ring.

This fun, playful piece will give you opportunities to work on steadiness, tone quality, and basic rhythmic patterns with your beginner string players, without their bows, of course!

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